Take Guns Away From Criminals

With all this “Gun Control” talk, 
I haven’t heard one politician 
say how they plan to take guns away 
from criminals…
just law abiding citizens

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Anonymous said...

If you are actually so naive to think that any LAW would stop a CRIMINAL; then it is time for YOU to sit down, shut up and let us "GROWNUPS" with COMMON SENSE fix it!! You go ahead and wait for the government a few weeks to clear your background check; meanwhile, the dirt bag on the street will be on his fourth stolen gun, that he bought from Bubba's back seat gun market, and on his 10th robbery when he walks in your back door 5 minutes after you leave for work, raping you wife and ripping all your jewelery so he can get his next meth fix. Gun control in any form is not and never has been about controlling guns, but all about controlling people. The government controlling the people (their subjects) and if you don't do what they want you might just end up in a gulag never to be heard from again. Don't believe me? Go talk to that 90 year old immigrant from Germany who survived the NAZIs. They will tell you what happen when Hitler came into power. It didn't happen over night and it won't happen over night here either. People like you who give away your freedoms so easily, that we all will be subjects and slaves to the government sooner than you think.