Saying We Don't Need These


Anonymous said...

Saying that banning guns will eliminate gun related killings, is like saying banning roaches will eliminate their saying banning SEX will eliminate saying banning 32 OZ. Sodas will eliminate saying prohibiting the making of Liquor will eliminate drunkenness...

OOPS! We DID THAT didn't'd THAT work?!?

Insanity is defined, (by Albert Einstein) as:

"Making a mistake, then repeating the same process, over and over again, expecting a different result,"

Sadly, the above, (your poster), having to even be stated, displays the degree of stupidity that reigns supreme in our once GREAT Nation...It is my FIRM belief that we, as a CULTURE and PEOPLE, have gone too far afield to resurrect the National principals developed within the Constitution, but! That RATHER! We will continue to experience the polarization that will ultimately TOTALLY divide us, on this Continent, and 4 separate Nations (or SECTORS), will develop & be established. ala the collapse of BOTH the Roman Empire, as well as the Russian Empire. Whether we like it or not, HISTORY IS CYCLICAL, and REPEATS itself regularly:

Another wise fellow had this to say concerning HISTORY'S CYCLES:

"What has been, is what shall be, and, what has been done is what shall be done, and, there is no new matter under the sun"![Ecc.1:9]

And, as well, he later concluded that:

"Whatever is, has already been, and, what shall be, has been before, but Elohim seeks out what has been pursued". [Ecc.3:15]

Anonymous said...

Except that last I heard THIRTY THOUSAND people didn't die from the proper use of a fire extinguisher last year.