Original "Assault Rifle"

1774: British ban import of firearms and gunpowder
1775: British attempt confiscation
1776: Revolution


Germania Jim said...

2013 Democrats attempt confiscation.
2014 Revolution in USA, Millions of Democats killed outright, Millions more flee Patriots Justice. Blacks killed on sight as well as jews and latinos.
2015 Whites only have prevailed to build new country from ashes of the old. Borders closed, walls, moats and land mines placed down at southern border. Longest wall built in the world now alongside Rio Grande River.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. Learn some history and some true human nature. It's the Democrats who created the KKK and the first Gun Control laws in this country which prevented Blacks from being able to protect themselves from the KKK. It's those who prevent people from owning Arms that usually put up walls and minefields. And those who fight against tyranny aren't those who are apt to impose one. Also your prejudice shows in that you assume that Patriots are only white.

Roman lesnar said...

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