Act Now To Save Your Second Amendment Rights

If you haven't already, now is the time to join one or both of the groups below. Both of them have proven that they are pro Second Amendment and willing to fight for our rights.

Join The NRA
Join Gun Owners Of America

Additionally, now is a good time to let your elected representatives know your opinion. As one of their constituents, they should be interested in how you feel on an important issue such as this.

The NRA has a handy tool that allows you to identify and contact your specific representative:
Write Your Representatives

As law abiding Americans, the best way to protect our rights is through the existing political system via our elected officials and relevant lobby groups.

Now is also the time to engage in educated discussion with those who fear firearms and/or oppose the Second Amendment in an effort to convince them of the importance of such a right.

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Ron Acord said...

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