Why Do You Need A Gun Like An AR-15?

It's not about "need," it is my Second Amendment Right to own such a rifle.
But "assault weapons" aren't necessary for hunting.
First of all, it's not an "assault weapon." And secondly, the Second Amendment isn't about  hunting; it is about defending liberty from tyranny.
So you're worried that a tyrant is going to take away your guns and your liberty?
No, actually I'm not...because we have the Second Amendment


  1. It stands to reason, If Own a flash drive does that make me a hacker? If I own a cigarette lighter does that make me an arsonist? If I own a knife does that make me a slasher? So if I own a AR-15 does that make me a killer? I THINK NOT!!!!!

  2. "So you're worried that a tyrant is going to take away your guns and your liberty?"

    Well, if the foo shits ...


  3. Amen Keep up the good work Prise the lord and pass the ammo

  4. The AR-15 is about the gayest gun in the world anyway! Tiny little bullets, and without full-auto it's basically just a fancy varmint rifle, the kind of thing you use for plinking tweeties or gophers or teaching your kids to shoot. All the fancy military-looking gingerbread on it is just decoration, so it LOOKS super badass and all the idiots want to buy one.

    1. Are you an idiot the ar15 is the most versatile platform. It doesn't just shoot the 5.56 but has a range all then way to 50 cal, as long as you have the right super receiver.

  5. K sooo... you have aliens in your country? Zombies? Did Hitler reincarnate as your next door neighbor? What tyranny must you defend against? The shitzu at the end of your cul-de-sac that craps on your lawn? I am dying laughing here.

  6. dead yet? maybe we should ban laughter and sarcasm

  7. Do you really think owning an AR-15 would prevent a tyrannical government from taking away your guns if it really wanted to? lolz!

  8. Myah hahahaha ah hahahahaha"!!!!!!