Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Members of The Old Guard have guarded the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  every second of every day regardless of weather, terrorist attacks, holidays etc…since 1937
They plan to make no exception for Hurricane Sandy


Anonymous said...

Is it 1948 or 1937? Either is pretty impressive and much respect to the members, active and retired, of our armed forces!

Anonymous said...

This was shot in September and not during Hurricane Sandy. Check your facts guy.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't say it was shot during the hurricane. It says, "They plan to make no exception for Hurricane Sandy." Check your grammar, Anonymous11/1/12 3:36 PM.

Wasn't the point of it anyway,... the point was to instill pride in what they do. 10 out of 10.

I would love to see some pics from during the storm, tho. I'm pretty sure there's an E-4 out there with a pic he shot for his own collection. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just arrived home from W
ashington D.C. and i got to see the changing of the guard twice while i was there..
Was totally incredible to me and my family..Every red blooded American should see this atleast once before they leave this earth..
I actually got to thank one of these men who was standing with me in the crowd...Very emotional for me...God Bless...

Karin Markert said...

First 24 hour duty, July 2, 1937. 3d Cav Reg first, then 3d Inf Reg since 1948. Badge has been given since 1958. This is my photo, soldiers in my husband's unit.!i=2095531119&k=3CPgS4d
Our unit PAO did take photos during the storm, too.