What's the best reason to own a gun?

What's the best reason to own a gun?
Disasters like hurricanes happen.
Zombies don't care how you voted.
It takes 911 an average of 4 minutes.
The South may rise again.
Victims that shoot back live longer.
The British might come for their back taxes.
It's your constitutional right.

Schools Arming their staff

ATTENTION...Please be aware, that the staff at Union Grove ISD are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.

Angels on the way

A little girl in a foreign country prayed that hevenly angels would come down and save her family from evil.  ETA: 2 minutes

A Real Badass

You may be badass.  But you're not 93 years old jumping in to Normandy for the second time in his life BADASS.


The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle. - General John J. Pershing, U.S. Army

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

5.11 Tactical MultiCam RUSH 24 Backpack Features:

  • 20" H x 12" W x 7" D
  • Water-resistant 1050-denier nylon
  • Flexible main storage compartments
  • Internal dividers
  • Compression straps
  • Hydration pocket
  • Fleece lined eyewear pocket
  • Sternum straps
  • Molle-compatible webbing on front and sides
  • Elastic keeper for strap ends
  • Name tape and flag holder
  • YKK® zippers
  • Three colors; Black, Flat Dark Earth and Tac OD

Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder Holster

Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder Holster

Top Rated Tactical Boots - UA Valsetz Side Zip

The Under Armour Valsetz Side Zip Boot is a top 5 rated tactical boot based on the following factors:
1.  Comfort
2.  Durability
3.  Grip/Traction
4.  Breathability
5.  Lightweight
6.  Flexible
7.  Water Resistant
8.  Safety for Feet

Better move over

This guy cut me off, but I decided to let it slide...

American Flag

Our Flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it!

Keep Calm and Support Vets

Keep Calm and Support Our Military and Our Veterans

Gun Ownership

The police can't stop and intruder, mugger, or stalker from hurting you.   They can pursue him only after he has hurt or killed you.   Protecting yourself from harm is your responsibility, and you are far less likely to be hurt in a neighborhood of gun-owners than in one of disarmed citizens - even if you don't own a gun yourself.   ~ Harry Browne

Support the Vets

Support our Veterans.  "The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."   Douglas MacArthur

Arms Control

Ban Assault Weapons!
Relax, we're still getting ours.

Freedom Fighters

I don't need a gun.
I have never needed a gun.
I hope I never need a gun.
And, in all likelihood, I will never need a gun.
However, should I ever need a gun.   I had better have a gun.
Therefore, I have a gun.
And if the Government ever says you can't have a gun, that's when you'll need a gun.